Certified Plays for Pets ItemsThe following items are certified for Plays for Pets. See below for a list of products:

  • Dog chew toys
  • Rope toys with knotted ends
  • Tennis balls
  • Kong type durable toys in all sizes
  • Cat toys
  • Ping pong ball type cat toys
  • Durable balls that can’t be broken into pieces
  • Durable activity toys that a treat can fall out. This should be kong type quality and not have any suction capability.
  • Crinkle type cat toys
  • Laser toys
  • Soft durable Blankets that pets can snuggle with. Must be machine washable.
  • “Lovies” are great!
  • Toys with squeakers need to be well made without tears in the stitching for stuffing to fall out or squeaker to be exposed.


Safety Toy Police

Safety is of extreme importance.  We can’t take the chance that one of these shelter pets would get hurt playing with our donated items.  For this reason, we will enforce a strict safety policy.  The below items will not, can not be accepted:

  • NO string
  • NO ribbon 
  • NO rubber bands 
  • NO children’s toys 
  • NO scented toys 
  • NO rawhides
  • NO scented toys
  • NO toys that have suction capability
  • NO broken or ripped toys


Luckily, cats are easily to amuse. Almost anything that is light weight and can be batted around is a fun cat toys. We are asking for ping pong ball type toys, crinkle type toys, safe soft box type squares where they can hide, laser toys and other “mouse” type items that they can carry around. All cat toys should be durable and large enough that they can’t be swallowed. 

We will not accept anything with a string, as it could be ingested or get wrapped around their neck.


Become a Contributing Plays for Pets ShelterWe currently drop off Plays for Pets items to the current shelters:

  • St. Tammany Parish Humane Society
  • St. Francis Animal Sanctuary
  • Abita Animal Shelter

Simply complete the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours with the simple process on how to become a certified Plays for Pets Shelter. 

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How it Works
Plays for Pets’ process is easy and accessible for anyone who wants to join in giving back. There are multiple drop off locations throughout the Northshore and Southshore. Drop off a gently used chew toy or blanket to the location closest to you (see Location Guide). The Vetnaturally team collects toys from each Plays for Pets certified location, and brings them to a local shelter once per month, on the third Saturday of the month (may differ during holiday season). Volunteers can feel free to come with the Vetnaturally team to donate the items once per month. The pets enjoy seeing volunteers at the shelter. See our Plays for Pets calendar here.

Email us at PlaysForPets@gmail.com to get involved.

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