Meet Dr. G

When thinking about my decision to become a veterinarian, I couldn’t help but connect my career path with my first pet. As a child, I watched a car drive by and toss a box out of the window — a box with a newborn and starving kitten. My mother let me keep her, probably not expecting her to survive. But I was determined to save this helpless kitten. With love, care, and round the clock bottle feeding, Cloud not only survived but went on to live a full 19 years.

That experience, among others, left me with no doubt; I wanted to be a doctor. I had a difficult time deciding whether to work with people or pets…until I read this passage:

“You don’t ever have to think about what you want to do in life. Chances are you have been doing it all along.”

ADr. G's Career as an Army Veterinarian few years later, I went on to earn my degree from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation,  I joined the U.S. Army  as an officer and was fortunate to travel the world while treating President Bush’s guard dogs, bomb dogs, search and rescue dogs, and drug dogs. My years in the military taught me invaluable lessons about treating acute (temporary) conditions, but it was not until I started my own mobile vet practice that I truly began to understand the need for alternative medical treatments for chronic conditions, especially in elderly pets.

I began researching Eastern veterinary medicine and immediately felt a deep connection with its style and approach. At last, I discovered a way to help our ailing pets without always resorting to expensive procedures and prescription medications. I received my formal training at The Chi Institute under world-renowned holistic veterinarian, Dr. Huisheng Xie. Having studied  both Western and Eastern medical practices, I gained a full understanding of how the two approaches can work together to provide superior methods in health maintenance.

Each practice serves its purpose, and I’m pleased to offer both perspectives to my clients and patients. Because of my belief in the effectiveness of natural remedies for pets, I decided to  formulate my own line of  natural wellness products. My Quality Management team and I meticulously formulate and source only the purest ingredients, so that you and your pets can rest assured that you are getting the best and safest products. When I’m not actively practicing medicine, or tending to my human family, I  donate my spare time to farm factory food education, animal abuse cases, shelters, and rescue organizations.

I look forward to hearing your story, meeting you and your pet, and establishing a lasting relationship that will hopefully enrich all lives involved.